Wednesday, May 23, 2007

seeqpod: amazing

SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search

A reader has asked why I think this is amazing. Try out the website. I like the idea of plucking music that's clicking by me and adding it to a playlist - then adding that playlist to my blog. I'm going to experiment with it on a variety of mobile browsers, and on my Wii browser too.

Ultimately, I'm a fool for well-executed interface designs and "new spins" on classic ideas. I think seeqpod does both of these amazingly well.


A. said...

Why is Seeqpod so amazing?

Yossarian said...

If you like Seeqpod, check out Pandora ( The amount of work put into the project is absolutely mind boggling.
I found it to be by far the most effective when it comes to predicting and acquiring user music preference. It also has a simple, intuitive interface, and a very clean GUI. Iirc, the only problem was that you can't download it as a standalone app (must be run from a browser) although its been a while since I've messed with it, so I'm sure changes have been made since then.