Wednesday, March 21, 2007

bait: second generation zune

You can learn an awful lot from reading your activity logs.

One lovely bit of learning has been a new-found appreciation for just how hungry the denizens of the intrawebs are for any shred of news about a "second generation zune".

Visitors to ack/nak in search of news and/or rumor on this topic have been treated to the following, a light-hearted dig at Zune Haters and tech reviewer hyperbole.

I'm truly curious of the following:

1. Who is interested in a second generation Zune? Are you the same people who celebrated Microsoft Bob's birthday today? Just curious.

2. Are those of you trolling for news on the second generation Zune employees, distributors, agents, lackeys or (G-d forbid) lawyers for Mmmm. . .Mmmmm. . .those guys? If so, don't tell me.

In either event, I invite you, my most transient of visitors, to extend your stay here. Read something. Consider your alternatives. Enjoy a tasty beverage.

That is all.

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