Monday, March 19, 2007

gear: yupo synthetic paper

About half-way through this month's issue of How Magazine you'll find a sample of Yupo Synthetic Paper. The ad features a three by three grid-style illustration of an apple using a variety of different printing styles and coatings.

Kids, it's the coolest thing I've seen in years from a paper. The colors literally leap off the page, and the spot gloss UV and texture varnish treatments give a nearly three-dimensional quality to the sample photos.

This is no simple paper. It's got an instruction manual. Your printer has to know what the *$&# he's doing with it or you'll end up with a mess. Thankfully they've got a new version that is fast-drying for gum-figured mooks like me.

I don't generally like to inject myself into the Great Marcom Production Mysteries, but you owe it to yourself to take a close look at this stuff.

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