Saturday, February 18, 2006

amazing: blogging from the passenger seat at 75mph

Pennsylvania is beautiful country, but the most astounding event so far today has been my new-found ability to reach from the wee little browser on my Treo 650. This is either a new high for me, or a new low... not sure which quite yet.

In any event, my thumb fu is truly strong, huzzah.


Anonymous said...

I thought Blogger allowed you to make posts via e-mail, no?

bob said...

Ah, but there's no magic in making posts by e-mail. I do that all the time. Using the posting IDE on a little screen whilst whizzing up and down hills, now that's something - a triumph of style over substance.

Ron said...

Me, I don't rightly prefer whizzing up hill, as I am prefering to see the substance of others over my own stylings! Hey-men!