Friday, February 17, 2006

shipped: installshield 11.5 express

We launched InstallShield 11.5 Express today - the big news for this release is support for creating WinMo5 installs. We usually debut new features in InstallShield Professional & Premier editions first, but due to oddness in the availabiltiy of WinMo5, this feature landed in Express first. It'll be supported in Pro and Premier in InstallShield 12 later this year.

Here's the new feature list.I also advise reading the release notes, which are, as always, fascinating:

Visual Studio 2005 Support
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows CE .NET 5.0 Support
.NET Framework 2.0 Support
Visual J# 2.0 Support
Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) Support
Trialware Expiration Dates
Referencing Developer Installation Manifest (DIM) Files

Because we're going to a coordinated release model, we're going to skip InstallShield 11.5 Express German and Japanese editions and jump directly to Express 12 with support for all three IDE locales.

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