Thursday, February 05, 2009

lexisnexis: product management job opening

LexisNexis Product Management Job Description

Basic Job Function:
This position is responsible for owning a product or substantial modular portion of a CRM enterprise software product, and driving the definition and execution of product plans from vision, requirements, and initial design through market launch and rollout. The position cultivates new product ideas through market research and analysis, and evaluates the market potential of these ideas. The position defines and prioritizes product requirements, works with the development team on product creation, and continuously confirms that the planned end result will meet specified requirements. As a product owner, the position must also be a representative expert for the rest of the organization on the product, and must ensure that all departments are prepared for successful product delivery and go-to-market readiness.

1. Create and implement product vision, direction, and business plans, including product plans, product migration and evolution, and product life cycle and retirement.

2. Develop conceptual and evolutionary product plans that meet business objectives through a comprehensive long-term vision for the product and its ongoing fit within target markets. This includes performing business analysis and evaluating revenue potential, and identifying and assessing business opportunities and determining strategic fit conditioned by technical feasibility.

3. Gather, validate, and evaluate product/market requirements through market and customer research, trend analysis, sales win/loss analysis, competitive and product research. Develop requirements specifications for assigned product features to include modular scalable architecture, effective product and user interface design, conceptual design, product validation testing, and usability testing, while ensuring that the product strategy is adhered to throughout the product life cycle.

4. Develop and deliver materials to the appropriate marketing and sales organizations which convey the purpose and details of the product, definition of its user, benefits to the customer, customization capabilities, and competitive comparison.

5. Manage the ongoing life cycle responsibilities for businesses products.

6. Collaborate on appearance and function of new products.

7. Evaluate new functionality that should be applied to existing products.

8. Monitor the release process and placement of new products or enhancements in a release.

For more information, dear reader, please contact John Cray, Director, Product Management at LexisNexis InterAction, using any of the following "communication modalities":

2000 Clearwater Drive, Suite 100
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

630.572.1400 main
630.371.4538 direct
630.572.1818 fax

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