Tuesday, August 12, 2008

piling on: rielle hunter on 23/6 video

As I am one of those quaint old-fashioned fellows who thinks that adultery is the ultimate betrayal and that adulterers deserve every bit of misery that life can throw their way, here's a funny bit of "piling on" the 23/6 people prepared for your enjoyment.

Oh, and now it seems that Mr. Edwards - while professing never-ending love and devotion for his wife ("who was in remission at the time") - brought his gal-pal on his 2006 presidential announcement tour (props to Scoble for scoring the photos and then for going back over them with his jeweler's loup). I'm stunned to think that this guy knew all of this - and still convinced people to contribute their time and money to his campaign. And in case you think that "his private life is private" and trot out rationalizations like "JFK diddled around" and "FDR had gal-pals" and "Taft had a pet duck he seemed to spend too much time with", let me offer the following:

Character colors everything. Give me a man or woman of character and I will forgive them a lack of experience, a lack of intelligence, even a lack of understanding. Because a man or woman of good character will be acknowledge their lacks, seek to remedy them, and make good use of what they learn.

I don't expect people to be perfect, especially politicians who live in a world of unrelenting equivocation and compromise. But I expect them - I demand them - to be people of good character.

And when they're not. . . this is what they having coming.

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