Tuesday, February 12, 2008

macbook air: interest > demand

After learning that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has, after interviewing 20 separate Apple specialist retailers, discovered that consumer demand for the new Apple MacBook Air is less than that seen for the revamped 13-inch MacBooks released two years ago, I can't help but say. . .

I told you so. Ooo, that feels good.

Munster told his investors on Tuesday that ". . .more specifically, [resellers] are noticing that customers are more curious, but less willing to buy the MacBook Air than they were the original MacBook." (source cited above)

It was also not surprising to learn that the MacBook Air sales being reported are additive to MacBook sales - as I wrote, this is a new product for a new audience, a "proving ground" for technologies and mobility concepts that may work their way into the mainstream MacBook line sooner or later.

(For those of you suffering from ack/nak withdrawl, I will be getting back to my normal post volume soon. It's busy season at work and at home, go figure.)

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