Monday, August 20, 2007

news: no mention of leopard upgrade when imac purchased

Tom T asked:
Was there any mention of Leopard along with your purchase? (e.g., vouchers for less $$ to upgrade when it comes out, etc..)

The answer is no in three different ways:

  • No information was volunteered by anyone at the Apple Store in Oakbrook, IL.
  • No information was included in any of the packaging associated with the iMac.
  • No information was found on the system README files.

Have any of you asked? If you find out something different, let me know.


TomT said...

I did recently ask at the Woodfield Apple store....but the 2 folks I spoke to seemed a bit evasive and mentioned the $129 full price.

I got the feeling that maybe there was some unspoken / unpublicized 'comp' when one picked up a new box and asked about leopard....but it didn't pan out.

MelvinG mentioned he read somewhere that "...if you bought a new Mac within 60-90 days period before a new OS comes out, you get a discount to upgrade for $19.95..." - but I couldn't verify this.

Tom said...

per Gizmodo this AM "Anybody who purchased a Mac on or after October 1 will get a Leopard upgrade—the software is free, though shipping and handling can cost $9.95"