Wednesday, May 02, 2007

milestone: 10k

Sometime over the last few hours ack/nak hit the ten thousand unique visits milestone. The counter is at the bottom, down there. Have a look.

It's a small number, really. When you compare it to "serious blogs", it's a mere drop in the bucket.

But then again, this was never envisioned as a "serious blog". How many serious business (or product management) blogs have labels called "koans", "lint", or my favorite, "liberal arts crap"? Or a dopey quote generator. Or a specific format for naming posts. Bet you hadn't noticed that.

(And don't even look at the blogroll. It'll give you scabies.)

Here's where I'm coming from with this thing. As a product manager, I learn about my craft through doing it, by watching others practice it, and by finding inspiration from, well, just about anywhere.

Product management is a craft that teaches you how to lead by teaching you to serve. It forces you to empty yourself of your prejudices and predispositions.

When I ask you "are you listening" I'm being serious - and not serious too. Listening without judgment exposes you to new ideas and perspectives, some of which will totally surprise you. If you're open to the experience.

Which I hope you are, or will be.

So I say "thank you" to the ten thousand visitors to ack/nak since its inception. If I lined each of you up, side by side, you'd block a lot of traffic and worry the neighbors. So lets not line you up, on second thought.

It's my hope that by writing about my craft, I'll learn more about it, and maybe help you learn about yours.



Camie Vog said...

I assure you, you will NOT get scabies if you click on Perfect Blue Buildings!

Ron said...

You overripe Bastich! A fine way to address the noble creatures who inhabit the roll of blogging!

From Fluffy Stuffin, nothing but the finest palaver, and soothing lanolin!