Wednesday, May 24, 2006

gear: the brompton folding bike (and general smallness)

For some odd reason, I am fascinated by "smallness".

And what better way to celebrate the "let's get small" mindset than with a bike you can fold up and stow in even the smallest of car trunks.

Brompton bikes are made in the UK and come in three versions, all of which collapse down to a surprisingly small, portable package you can schlepp around with you.

And if you don't groove on the Bromptons, there are other brands of folding bikes, including Dahon, Breezers and Bike Friday bikes.

Imagine pulling one of these babies out of the back of your Mini, or even better, the small trailer towed behind your Isetta.

Like these smiling Czechs.

Or out of your Tab (modern) or Pod (retro) teardrop trailer.

Because the same principle that applies to letters (it's harder to write a short one than a long one) applies to travel. It's harder to kit out a small car than it is to pack all of your possessions into a MegaBehemoth LS.

Anyone else like to "get small"?

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