Tuesday, October 21, 2008

status: still alive + something you can do to help

Hey all - happy October. The frost is on the pumpkins and the hay is in the barn.

Here in ack/nak land, all is going swimmingly:

1. Work = good = busy as all get-out, but in a positive way.

2. Home = good = kids still pissed off at having to go back to school, but that's life.

3. Projects = good

Here's some more on #3. I'm creating a radio show (at first in a podcast format) and the "topic" of my first show is France. Future shows will be on fun topics like particle physics and cocktails, or whatever else catches my fancy (or yours - recommendations are welcomed).

At the end of each show is a "call-in" section in which I field questions from my audience. I've set up a voicemail box that you can call to leave your questions about France.

Here are the instructions:

1. The questions don't have to be serious (but they can be). Extra points for playing along with the "radio show call-in question" theme. "Love the show", "first-time caller", etc.

2. You need to call a phone number and record your question. The phone number is a local one if you live in the Chicago area - 773-362-4618 - and goes directly to a voicemail box. Pay Close Attention To The Greeting - it might influence how you leave your message. I won't spoil the surprise.

If you elect to leave a message, you need to know that I may use the recording of your question in the podcast. And if you have friends who may have questions about France, feel free to refer them to this post.

On another topic entirely, I'm also in the process of writing my product management book, since everyone who is anyone these days has to write a book. Product Management the Ack/Nak Way will be as irreverent and practical as this blog has been on the topic of product management, with occasional bouts of philosophy, poetry and story-telling.

Reviews of my preview chapters have been positive, which is good. Now it's up to me to just grind the rest of it out, which is also good, but is real work. I have suddenly gained a lot of respect for professional writers. It is not easy.

Correction: it is easy to write poorly and in great volume. It is hard to write well in an economical way.

So if you're interested in learning more about either the radio show or the book, let me know.

More posts coming, thanks for hanging in there with me.

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Unknown said...

hmm you could even post the starting chapters...