Monday, October 27, 2008

news: ack/nak added to alltop + reader feedback

I got a nice note from Guy Kawasaki this morning with the news that ack/nak has been added to the Alltop product management page.

"What's Alltop? And why are you telling us this?"

You can learn what Alltop is all about here.

"You still haven't explained why you're telling us this."

That's easy. I'm delighted to have ack/nak considered in the same company as those other Much More Serious Product Management blogs. It's a nice little ego boost for a Monday morning.

"Your blog got added to an aggregation page. Don't get all frothy. Besides, who knows what it will look like when they get enough traffic to get sponsors, it'll be a nightmare of dancing shadows and free iPod offers."

Don't get frothy? That's tough talk coming from a phantom voice.

"Ummmm. . . ."

And that's also no way to talk about a start-up. It has an old-school Yahoo feel to it, as opposed to all those other "pile links on a page based on what a spider tells you". It looks like it's created by people who pick a topic and then select what blogs get associated with it. From a product management perspective, it's a perfectly good product idea that addresses an unmet need with a nice, clean interface and a sound idea of how to communicate with contributors.

"I guess you're right."

Of course I'm right. Now what do you say to Mr. Kawasaki?

". . . ."

I didn't hear you.

"Sorry Mr. Kawasaki."

That's better. You don't want him showing up at your house with a hockey stick.

"Heavens no."

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the placement! Well deserved, imo. I contend that there's value in having a 'product management community' that brings several of our thoughts / threads together in one place. Makes it easier for people to stay on top of the general vibe of the place, as well as the (currently) contentious and/or hot topics.