Saturday, May 17, 2008

discovered: fur tv

According to Variety,  FurTV "centers around three puppets who share a flat in the human world and spend their time drinking, fighting and trying to chat up girls."  The pilot (which aired on BBC2 in 2004) won a BBC Greenlight Award for new comedy in 2003 and a Golden Rose for best pilot in 2004.

Of all the clips and bits I've been able to find, this one is pretty representative.   Be warned though - this show makes Greg the Bunny look like the Dick Van Dyke Show.  Turn your volume down if you're viewing this in the office or at home with the wee bairns running about.  Or if you're offended by what SpongeBob calls "spicy language".

FurTV is currently airing on MTV One in the UK.  You can view episodes 1 and 2 at the FurTV homepage.

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