Wednesday, October 03, 2007

sony bmg: "copying cds you own is stealing"

Hold on to your head because when you read this article, it will be inclined to fly off your shoulders.

In related news, Sony BMG declares that listening to songs on the radio constitutes theft, as does any instance in which an individual listens to a CD that they do not own. Oops, sorry, Sony BMG doesn't believe you own your CDs, they believe you "have purchased a non-transferable, exclusive and limited license to transmit the IP contained on the physical media through a DCMA-approved CD player".



Christopher Painter said...

What was it like working for your former employer in relationship to this subject. Was that just a seperate business unit or was it really integrated in a way that may or may not have created issues.

bob said...

It was an entirely different business with a very different culture and very different people.