Thursday, October 04, 2007

considered: the buttered cat halloween accessory

As gedankenexperiments go, the Buttered Cat Paradox is plenty of fun, but it also has a bright future as a smart cat accessory for Halloween.

Necessary Ingredients:

1. a bit of toast-shaped brown foam painted with a splash of butter-colored acrylic paint
2. elastic strap
3. cat

Connect 1 and 2 then wrap around 3 with 1 oriented upward.

When asked "what is that attached to your cat" you may respond "an anti-gravity device".

When asked "how is that an anti-gravity device" you may respond "it is buttered toast".

When asked "how is buttered toast an anti-gravity device" you may respond "since cats always land on their feet and buttered toast always lands buttered-side down, when you drop a cat with buttered toast on its back the cat will approach the ground and then hover, QED."

When asked for a demonstration you may respond "go throw your own cat."

Hilarity ensues.

(photo: care of Wikipedia)

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