Saturday, August 11, 2007

zap: lightning and computers

It has been a bad week for me and my computer. I'll distill the "experience" to the following facts:

1. Lightning storm came through earlier in the week.
2. Computer turned off, left plugged in to the surge protector (as always) (see below)
3. Lights in house Get Very Bright in the split second before power goes out.
4. When power comes back on (later), computer is found to be non-functional.
5. Further investigation shows power supply has been compromised.
6. Computer brought to local Large National Electronics Retailer (LNER) for new power supply and power supply installation.
7. After new power supply installed, computer goes into "boot loop".
8. Hard drive removed, hooked to test harness; drive visible, but no time left in the work day to transfer the files to an external hard disk.
9. Next day I get a call that "the disk won't spin".
10. Tech at LNER continues to work on project, "will call with news".

Here are the scenarios:

1. She manages to get the disk to work, transfers the files, and formats the disk to its Factory Original state. Inconvenient, but the best of all three possible scenarios.

2. She manages to get the disk to work, transfers the files, but disk melts down in spectacular conflagration of spinning plastic and metal, I go pick up the remains of the PC and my data and contemplate a computer purchase.

3. Disk fails to spin, I go collect remains of my PC and consider not only a computer purchase but the hideous expense associated with recovering data from a "dead" hard drive.


1. Back up your important files. Duh. Yes, I am an idiot for not doing this.

2. When storms are in the area, unplug your so-called "surge protector" from the wall.

3. Buy a Mac. This doesn't have anything to do with anything other than I want to buy a Mac. So sue me.

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