Sunday, August 12, 2007

proof: the power of the intuitive interface

Where: The Apple Store in Oakbrook, Illinois.

Scene: After two minutes talking to a guy wearing a black "genius" t-shirt, I find my 7-year old is rooted in place in front of a display.

Me: "Sweetie, what are you doing?"

Sweetie: "I'm playing with an iPhone!"

Me: "Were you able to figure out how. . . "

Sweetie: "Yes, let me show you, here is a video I found of the Llama Song, I had to type in the name in the search box."

Me: "I can't hear it very well."

Sweetie: "I'll turn up the volume for you, you have to use the on-screen buttons. Like this."

Me: "How. . . "

Sweetie: "I'm good at this sort of thing, Daddy."


1. What passes for "intuitive" is entirely a subjective affair, I think.

2. Objects of desire produce an "anti-defeat field" that prevents the desirous individual from giving up on it until the individual "figures it out".

3. If a 7-year old can figure your product out in less than two minutes, you've done something right.

4. Never, EVER listen to the Llama Song.


Camie Vog said...

If she was able to figure it out, then you MUST get her one!!


Of course, you'll poop a brick when she loses it... (I speak with experience, after LittleMan lost his beloved Nintendo DS.)

Christopher Painter said...

Aren't little ones so clever? I have a 4 year old who can play games on Noggin ( including typing her name ) and a 2 year old who can pop a dvd out of it's case, stick it in the player and turn the TV on with the remote.

Scary yet awesome.