Monday, July 09, 2007

interlude: sun and strategy

No, I'm not dead or trapped in an old fridge somewhere in Teaneck.

I'm "on the road", catching some rays and working on a strategy document. Somewhere between my first beer and my last Chupacablahblah, a tenuous link between the two suddenly became clear to me.

You need the sun to live - you can't thrive without a well-articulated strategy. Actually, you can live without both for a while, but you end up kind of pasty and unhealthy-looking.

If you get too much sun, you'll get a sunburn or some wild face-eating melanoma - if you spend too much time working on your strategy, you burn out or get killed by someone who spent less time on strategy and more on execution.

The best way to enjoy the sun is with your friends and family - just like the best way to articulate a strategy is with the help of your colleagues, each of whom brings a different and unique perspective to "where you're going".

Ultimately, the tan wears off, and you have to get some more sun - the same way that you strategy grows stale over time, and needs an infusion of reality. Put another way, the same way you don't expect to keep your tan, you can't expect your strategy to stay fresh-looking forever.

OK, maybe this isn't the best analogy. I blame the Chupacablahblah.

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Camie Vog said...

How did you know that I was thinking that you might be stuck in a fridge somewhere??

Be careful, if you tan too much you'll start to look like Shepard Smith...and that is creepy!