Sunday, February 11, 2007

grammy: moments

I'm still trying to shake off the sickening feeling of Justin's "Super Close Up / Walleye Vision / Shine Your HandiCam on Me" moment. Oh my.

I was happy to see just how *impressed* Jamie Fox looked after Christina Aguilera's "James Brown" homage. Frankly, I was expecting someone to walk out on stage and put a cape around her shoulders. It was an astounding performance that only served to remind me that I already miss the Godfather of Soul.

Quote from my son: "Daddy, there's a belly dancer on the Grammys."
Translation: Shakira was performing.

All I could think when I saw Smokey Robinson sing. . .

"So take a good look at my face
You'll see my smile looks out of place"

. . .was, "no s**t Smokey, you've had so much plastic surgery, it's a wonder your smile isn't up around where your nose should be. Can you close your eyes? Do you sleep? Gadzooks!"

Biggest disappointment: I'm just cheesed I missed the opening number - you'd think the reunion of The Police would be saved for a big closing number, but no.

Eww-moment: Rascal Flats sings "Hotel California".

Feel bad moment: Sorry to see that Nicole's dad had to rush through "Hello".

Ram pencils in my ears moment: Listening to James Blunt yodeling his way through "You're Beautiful" for the umpteenth time feels like walking across crunchy super-frozen snow while pulling cotton balls apart. Please Make The Bad Man Stop.

Marketing In Action: The "My Grammy Moment" contest is. . .is. . .zzzzzzzzz.

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