Monday, June 23, 2008

meditation: a leadership aphorism

If you're like me (and thank everything you hold dear that you are not) then you're surrounded by people who like to give you advice.

"Don't run with scissors, Bobby. Stop. . BOBBY. . .DON'T RUN WITH THE G_______D SCISSORS!"

"You shouldn't swim for thirty minutes after you eat or you'll sink like a rock."

"Stop making that face or your eyes will stick like that."

"Do you have to use such big ____ing words all the time? Sweet Jesus, I have no ____ing idea what you're saying."

Because turnabout is fair play, here's a little aphorism for you to noodle on. It's a good one for members of the product management tribe who are struggling with how to lead without authority:

Leadership requires the giving and taking of control in equal measure.

(Corollary: Especially when one wishes to lead leaders)
(Variation: Replace "Leadership" with "Teaching" if you're having a hard time wrapping your head around the concept)


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