Thursday, April 06, 2006

trend: physical security for digital content?

I had a fascinating discussion last night with fellow product manager at one of the more well-known software suppliers to the entertainment industry.

Here at the shop we've focused on "issues" associated with the distribution and marketing of entertainment products. I was surprised to learn that the studios are dealing with similar" issues" during the production process. Mmmmm . . . . issues.

One reason is that so much of the production process is either switching or has already switched over to HD digital video. Because of that, securing this content has become a topic of great concern. You could imagine some unscrupulous PA grabbing a copy of the dailies, for example, and sneaking it out the door.

For digital works-in-progress, we talked about the real possibility that protecting this content could become more physical - locking cabinets, individually-issued dongles, hand-carrying hard-drives, muscular thugs - instead of more digital. In the absence of production-phase DRM, what other options are there?

I don't think software producers have the same issues - in-process software doesn't have the same value to customers as in-process entertainment goods (esp. movies and music).

Bottom line - it's fun to compare notes, PM to PM.

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