Wednesday, April 05, 2006

status: survey of rss readers used to access ack/nak

How do you prefer to consume blogs? Web? RSS Reader? Browser bar in Firefox?

If my numbers are any indication of more global trends, here's how it shakes out from the RSS reader perspective:

25% - Firefox Live Bookmarks

20% - Bloglines

8% - Safari RSS

7% - NewsGator Online

3% - "A Java-Based Feed Reader"

2% - Feedblitz (email-based subscription)

32% - "Other Readers", which includes Google Desktop, My Yahoo, SharpReader, Windows Media Center 2005 Feed Reader, "Windows RSS Platform", Bitacle, FeedChecker, NetNewsWire, NetVibes and Omea Reader.

On another topic, big thanks to reader Huy Nguyen of Stream Theory for bringing this to my attention - seems my "subscribe by email" widget was broken - lord knows how many of you have been living with profound disappointment over your inability to enjoy ack/nak via email (as opposed to the very popular RSS feed or reading it on the web.)

In any event, it's fixed now.

With the steady growth in web and syndicated readership I've been experiencing of late, I'd hate to see anyone turned away.

If you continue to have problems, Huy recommends that you close and re-open the browser to get it to work. "Must be some caching, cookie problems with the browser", he suggests. Beats me.

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