Sunday, April 09, 2006

tagged: this does make you think

I AM: An artist deep undercover in corporate America. So deep that sometimes I forget I'm an artist. Or what art is. Or who I am. But I never forget that I'm just good enough to stay undercover, but not good enough to really, truly win.
I WANT: To make people laugh more often, starting with my wife, whose laughter is like sunshine and rain.
I HATE: The tedious, the conventional, the repetitive, the unimaginative, but mostly, the soulless.
I MISS: The ocean.
I FEAR: Losing my voice.
I HEAR: Only what I want to hear, which often means I don't hear what I need to hear.
I WONDER: What it would feel like to be totally fulfilled by my work.
I REGRET: Not being totally fulfilled by my work, but not so much that I'd trade "fulfillment" for "caring for my family".
I AM NOT: Easy to love.
I DANCE: With the angels to "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC, the soundtrack of heaven.
I SING: Better, and less, as I get older.
I CRY: At beauty, futility and loss.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Kind. And I know it.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Music that never seems to express *exactly* what I'm feeling, so I just have to keep trying.
I WRITE: Because it's my way of opening the door to the cluttered closet of my head armed with St. Vincent de Paul boxes.
I CONFUSE: Activity with progress.
I NEED: To lead more and explain less.
I SHOULD: Get to the gym more often.
I START: With good intentions.
With forgiveness for not meeting them, and try again. It's either ADHD, or a sign of someone who hasn't quite figured out what's worth starting.


Anonymous said...

good answers

bob said...

Thank you. I am a coward for burying this back in April, but then, I never said I wasn't. A coward, that is. Notwithstanding the modicum of bravery it takes to write something like this, I didn't want to hang it out on page one for the tourists.