Monday, April 24, 2006

loyalty: how to build your blog's circulation

There are no magical blogroll swap schemes or super-influential directories to sign up for that will drive traffic to your blog day after day.

There are no "optimal" layouts, or for that matter, "best" authoring tools.

There are no guaranteed paths to riches.

There are, in short, no secrets or short-cuts.

To build an audience for your writing, you must do the following and be prepared to live through the months and months (or more) it takes for word of your writing to find its audience - whether that is 50, 1000 or a million readers:

Write honestly and frequently.

Write in your own voice.

Expect nothing in return.

Value the time that each and every one of your readers devotes to your writing, however often they visit. Keeping this in mind will carry you through the dry spells when words fail you, motivation eludes you, and the temptation to cave in to your baser natures whispers to you.

Keep score. Use Feedburner, Performancing and Technorati to stay on top of your metrics. The act of tracking your readership is, for you, a conscious act of self-discovery worth embracing.

Accept that there is only one Boing Boing, only one Scobilizer, only one Guy-san. You can't be them. Just be yourself.

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