Wednesday, April 05, 2006

lesson: working with beta software

The beta review process is, as I've said previously, a little like inviting your mother in law over to the house - you worry that you didn't clean the oven, or any other of thousands of details that need to be addressed. But you want her to come over, so you do your best.

(For the record, I love my mother-in-law, and no, she doesn't check the oven. Baseboards, however. . .)

In keeping with the laws of karma, I decided a long time ago to try and always be a good beta tester. To make the effort to understand what the author is trying to accomplish, and to see whether or not that goal is accomplished in the beta product. To provide honest feedback. To be timely.

To be hopeful. Because that's what betas are all bout, in my mind.

Speaking of beta feedback - while I'm not quite sure why You Mon had to think twice about making the post on the Boxxet blog regarding my participation in the Boxxet beta, I'm certainly flattered that he did. Thank you.

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You Mon Tsang said...


I had to think twice about posting that you were a great beta tester so I could keep you all to myself! Now others will make sure you get into their beta programs. Be prepared to be spread even thinner.

You Mon