Tuesday, April 04, 2006

design: the world's most perfect user interface

This beauty was introduced at the Messe music show and was featured prominently on a variety of gadget blogs (most notably Engadget and Music Thing) over the last week.

It's a triumph of interface design. I mean, just look at the thing! How many years have you joked about customers who ask for "big button interfaces"? Well, here is one!

You almost don't need to care what it is. But if you're a dance club DJ and you have a problem keeping the beat going as you switch from one song to the next - and a bigger problem getting your next song into sync with the beat of the first one - well, this is your lucky day. Read about it here and go buy one.

But for us software types, it's a thing of sheer beauty. Add it to your clip-art gallery and drop it into a presentation for kicks as an example for what your customers really want from your user interface. Simplicity. Intuitive usage. A big red button with satisfying tactile feedback.


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