Wednesday, February 15, 2006

question: why are you going to visit the customer

It is 4:20am central and I'm waiting for my ride to the airport, on my way deep into the heart of Texas to visit customers.

When asked yesterday by a co-worker"why are you going to these meetings" I replied, "to listen".

Funny, he thought I was going "to talk". The struggle to communicate the value of product marketing is never-ending. See you tonight.


Camie Vog said...

Hopefully, you won't get peppered with bird shot. Rule #1: Don't mess with Texas. Rule #2: Wear lots of bright orange.

Anonymous said...

I've had this reaction many times -- even when I've asked to sit in on calls with a bunch of different folks.

Kinda funny, and what should be easy to explain, sometimes gets you sideways looks...