Wednesday, February 01, 2006

longing: a short trip to westchester county

I left Chicago yesterday afternoon for a quick trip to Westchester County, NY, and just got back about an hour ago.

Normally, a short day trip somewhere wouldn't be anything to write about. But I was married in Westchester County (Mount Kisco), wooed my wife during visits to her parent's house in Westchester County (Waccabuc), and I grew up in or near the place.

But I digress.

It's a place of unreal, majestic beauty, even in winter. Standing in a corner office up on a small mountain that used to be home to an airport and a golf course until it was turned into a place of pyramids, I looked down over Somers and Goldens Bridge and felt homesick.

It wasn't that I had lived there recently and missed the people, the towns, or even the lifestyle (which can be grueling), but I missed the landscape. I missed the hills, the feeling of being nestled into the hollow of a small ridge, surrounded by granite and the curving swale of the earth.

(note: we don't get many curving swales in Chicago.)

Trip Highlights: I got to order a "coffee regular" at a Dunkin Donuts and they knew what I wanted. I had a piece of pizza the size of a small kite. I had not one, not two, but three people walk through doors in front of me and let the doors close in my face (ahh, good old-fashioned east coast f-you attitude). I got to enjoy the shabby confines of the Rye Town Hilton and a room that Just Would Not Cool Down. And I got to enjoy the bar at the Westchester County Airport for almost three hours after missing an early flight.

Work-wise, it was time very very well spent. It's always fun to go elephant hunting after a steady diet of crushing roaches.

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