Monday, January 30, 2006

caption: gosh, that dog looks delicious!

I know it is bad form to link to someone else's image. Because I know this, I will endeavor to speak of the source of this and other remarkably disturbing images in the most glowing way possible.

(It is possible that such bald-faced ass-kissing (two disturbing co-joined colloquialisms, oh my) will absolve me of my wrong-doing. Maybe. Stand by for take-down request in ten, nine, eight. . .)

So please visit the Nice People at Plan 59, The Museum (and Gift Shop) of Mid-Century Illustration. Delight to their retro-chic ways! Marvel at their collection of commercial art! Buy stuff!

Because the hay-day of product marketing was the mid-20th century, that's why. The energy, the colors! The frightening children! And remember - it was cool at the time. Or at least, it didn't raise eyebrows. That, to me, is the kicker.

It also reminds me that - once again - there is very little in the way of creative work like this happening in software advertising these days, at least not from a graphics arts perspective. You may disagree; if so, please provide examples. Please note - the Logitech "Peeing Baby" ad doesn't count, because it is the exception that proves the rule.

We are living in a wasteland of stock photography, and I'm tired of it. More maniacally grinning kids, please!

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Anonymous said...

Bob, if you like Plan 59 then you'll love where James Lileks introduces "The Institute of Official Cheer." Tons of old advertisements and even better commentary on the freakiness of those ads. My favorite is The Art of Art Frahn and of course the Gallery of Regrettable Food.