Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello? Are you there?

Why, hello there.  I have a question for you.

Are you interested in ack/nak "coming back" from the dead, as it were, to again occupy that singular place in your reading habits it once enjoyed Back in the Day?

It would not be a "product management blog" per se, but something product-y.

Because if The Grumpy Product Manager can't raise $10k to help her write a book, there's no market for independent PM voices.  Simply put, you're all cheap and I'd be a fool to try and sell you anything.

Also, I'm unlikely to want to live in airports and try and train people to become something they'd likely end up not doing in 3-5 years anyways.

And blogging as a way-of-life, or even as a pastime, is vastly overrated.  It takes time to write things.  And writing things for free is a chump's game.

No, I will entertain you with tales of derring-do and whimsy.  And try and convince you to have me come and talk to you and your cohorts (colleagues? cow-orkers?  conspirators?) on topics of an urgent and compelling nature.

Some of which might have something to do with products.


Fred said...

tales of derring-do and whimsy are welcome. I get the blog via RSS, so I don't have to make a special trip anyway.

bob said...

Alrighty then.

Nils said...

I think the thing about product management is that the world hasn't quite finished automating all the easy stuff, so we PMs are hanging out in the cold until someone gets around to automating the hard stuff that we do. My favorite current hobby horse, the Cynefin model, explains it all. ERP, CRM, project management - all that stuff is Simple or Complicated (in the Cynefin model). Product management is Complex - meaning a lot harder to automate. Trying to automate it like other domains is bound to fail. Same with writing about it, unless you write about managing Complexity, versus trying to fit it into a "complicated" mold. (I talk about this at, btw.) I think the monetization pendulum will swing on PM when it starts being treated, and automated, as the complex thing it is. Only then will the tools be successful.

In short, I think you should keep blogging.

Jeffrey Davidson said...

Yup, I'd be interesting in seeing what you've got.

Jeffrey Davidson said...

Yes, I am interested in what you have to say.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, voices of product wisdom (and whimsy) are sorely needed.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, voices of product wisdom (and whimsy) are sorely needed.