Tuesday, February 10, 2009

for sale: belstaff colonial canvas shoulder bag

Loyal ack/nak reader Brad has a Mountain Brown Belstaff Colonial Canvas Shoulder Bag (catalog number 756115) that is "surplus to his requirements".

You have money.

If you would like to exchange your money for his bag, you should email Brad at:


and let him know you're interested.

Note 1 - I'm sharing news of Brad's bag as a service to the ack/nak community - I invite both parties to any transaction to perform the appropriate due diligence.

Note 2 - If you happen to have a Mountain Brown Belstaff Colonial Canvas Medium or Large Man Bag that you'd like to trade for a Tan Shoulder Bag, let me know.

Here is Brad's story:


Enjoy the site and particularly your posts not only on product management but also on notebooks/paper/pens, etc.

After reading your posts regarding the Belstaff shoulder bag, it sounded like something I would like. My sister happens to live in London, and last Fall found a Belstaff Colonial Canvas Shoulder bag, model 756115 - Shoulder Bag in Mountain brown (I think it was at their Manchester store). Image is attached (not because you don't know what it is, but their colors and model line names are baffling to me).

Anyway – I got the bag, and have tried using it for a while – and it is not me. Nothing wrong with your reviews or expectations, it just is not me.

So here I have a rather expensive bag I am not using, and there are plenty of people who probably would like one, but can't get one.

So there you go. We're officially in the matchmaking business here now. As Belstaff continues to pare back their investment in the Colonial Canvas line, I expect I'll be doing more of this.

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Unknown said...


Thank you very much for the sharing of feelings Belstaff bag, I am very interested in it, and I want to buy one, but I can not tell to Mountain brown or Kaki, because the Belstaff website's picture is too bright, you can tell me Brad Pitt is the use of the kind of color? Thank you.