Sunday, August 31, 2008

considered: impulsivity

CBS News contributor Steve Benen raises an important question late in this article that got me to thinking.

We've all known people who demonstrate - for better or for worse - a "ready fire aim" approach to life. Impulsivity, in its many manifestations, can be charming and even occasionally effective, especially when this impulsiveness is balanced by the qualities of others.

I'm often reminded that diverse teams can be very strong teams.  I've known people whose ability to pull insights out of the blue - and express them readily - has been a real asset over time.

I've also known people whose inability to control their impulses has been very disruptive, especially when the expression of their impulsiveness has been explosive.

I just have to ask this question: if impulsivity a disqualifying quality in a leader?  Where does this rank among other disqualifying qualities?

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