Thursday, July 24, 2008

success?: starbucks $2 cold drink after 2pm promo

I visited a Starbucks in the Chicago loop this morning. No, there was no Clover machine in evidence. Yes, they make a mean ersatz McMuffin. But I digress. The barista on duty offered me the following:

"This is a special receipt, if you bring it back after 2:00pm today you can get a grande cold drink for $2 plus tax."

"So, how's that working out for you guys?" I asked.

The baristae on duty rolled their collective eyes. "It's like a second morning rush. People are queued up outside. It's total madness."

I wonder what else those 2pm visitors are buying. Or if that matters. Creating repeat traffic in non-peak hours is a trick and a half, and this one anecdotal report suggests that Starbucks' attempt to do just that is working.

If you are one of those post-2pm visitors, let me know.

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