Saturday, June 14, 2008

bbc america: charmingly disorienting

In a moment of inspiration and penury my wife switched us from Wide Open West (WOW) to AT&T last week.

While there have been a few odd moments associated with this transition ("You're putting what on my roof?" "Why the &$^@ is there static every time I make a phone call?" "How the &$^#^ does this remote work?") one thing I've enjoyed is access to a few new channels, most notably BBC America.

Any of you who got your first taste of geekdom in the early 70s with Monty Python will appreciate having near constant access to Python on TV.  You'll also appreciate Mitchell and Webb.  And odd game shows.  And lots of Dr. Who and Torchwood.

I'm hopeful that they'll show televised cricket and snooker matches, which are the functional equivalent of rolling down a hill with your head in a canvas sack.

I wonder what our friends in Britain think of American TV.  Wait, they get it already and they know it's crap.  Or to the mildly dyslexic, carp.  

If you'd like another bit of charming disorientation and you are one of the enlightened who use a Mac, download the BBC Radio widget now.

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Ron said...

Top Gear baby...check it out!