Wednesday, May 14, 2008

duh: chicago repeals foie gras ban

The Chicago City Council voted 37-6 today to repeal the two-year old ban on foie gras.

Allow me to offer the following for you to consider in no particular order.

1. Foie gras is delicious.

2. Life is short (see #1).

3. Humans have opposable thumbs - geese and ducks do not.  I am not sorry about this, G-d knows what horrors they would perpetrate if they did.

4. Most (if not all) commercially produced foie gras ducks are raised under humane conditions.  Just ask this blogger.

5. Most (if not all) commercially produced chicken are raised under pretty hideous conditions

6. Most (if not all) of the roads in Chicago are so pock-marked with potholes that driving in the city is an slalom race with death.

7. The councilman responsible for the ban had his microphone turned off as the resolution was brought to a vote.

8. Across the city, foie gras stayed on the menu at many restaurants despite the ban.  Such as Cafe Absinthe in Wicker Park, where, might I mention, the Hudson Valley Foie Gras was mighty tasty last winter.  Shhh.

9. Doug Sohn, the owner of Hot Doug’s (3324 N. California Ave.), whose special, foie-gras-laced “Joe Moore” sausage earned him the very first fine ($250) for violating the city’s foie-gras ban, is happy the two-year-old ordinance was repealed on Wednesday. (link)

10. Many Chicagoans who can't afford dinner, much less foie gras, are appalled that our city spent any time at all on this issue.  They are not happy.

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