Thursday, March 27, 2008

belstaff: colonial canvas changes for spring/summer 2008

Belstaff updates their accessories line twice a year. My particular (peculiar?) area of interest is in their Colonial Canvas line of bags, which are excellent for schlepping around your essentials.

As a service to you, the ack/nak reader, here is an update on what Belstaff has in store for us this spring/summer.

First, the good news - Belstaff is still making their Colonial Canvas line. This should not be a surprise after the appearance of the Shoulder Bag in the recent film I Am Legend.

And next the bad news - they've discontinued two of the more interesting bags from the line - the Large Man Bag Marsupium and the Body Bag are no more, according to the (very recently updated) Belstaff website.

Note that I've struck the Large Man Bag from the list of discontinued items - it's back in the line after a brief hiatus for the Fall 2007 / Winter 2008 season. Unfortunately now the Marsupium is out of the line, in a blow to all kangaroo fanciers.

The other bags from the spring/summer 07 collection are still in play - you can see them featured in an earlier ack/nak review here.

The number of available colors is currently unknown to me, as the color widget on the Belstaff website isn't working. If they are the same as Fall 2007 / Winter 2008, they have been pared down as well to Black, Mountain Brown, Kaky (sic) and Panama. Having seen the Mountain Brown up close, I can recommend it very strongly.

If you've taken the plunge and have bought your bag (L'Uomo in NYC still carries them), drop me a line.

Current product codes are:

756194 Large Man Bag
756150 Large Shoulder Bag [554]
756148 Man Bag [550]
756195 Medium Man Bag
756115 Shoulder Bag
756176 Travel Bag

If you're from Belstaff, drop me a line. I'd be happy to do a more detailed review of any of these products, wink wink.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that discontinued Large Man Bag? The Belstaff website still has all three - man, medium and large - listed as part of the current collection. The Large is item 756194, no?

Unknown said...

L'Uomo in NYC is saying the large bag is discontinued but i'm still desperately looking for one.