Friday, December 14, 2007

soundtrack: testing some background music (updated)

One trait I share with the common magpie is a slavish fondness of shiny objects. Others are a habit of teasing cats, shyness, and an ability to eat nearly anything. But I digress.

My "shiny object du jour" is a music player in the center column, care of MyFlashFetish. What an oddly-named website, you say. I agree.

I've taken the liberty of linking this player to a few ambient soundscapes from The Wandering Ear, a wonderful site featured in a previous post. You can change the track to one of the other three I've chosen, or simply pause it if you wish.

If you find it terribly annoying, let me know. I'll swap some tunes in and out as the sprit takes me, hopefully you'll enjoy my selections.

UPDATE - You find it terribly annoying. Cammie, bless her, was kind enough to ask if it could start on mute, but others of you were less, shall we say, circumspect in your comments. Fair enough, mischief managed. I'm replacing the widget with one from TuneFeed, we'll see how well that works out.

UPDATE 2 - Nope, it doesn't work out.

UPDATE 3 - I've added the minimalist boomp3 player - see if you like that. Remember, the music restarts when you switch pages, so make liberal use of the 'open in a new tab' function if you want to hunt around without the music stopping/restarting.


Ron said...

for Bruce fans...

Camie Vog said...

I seem to have fallen off your blogroll...oh dear.