Tuesday, December 25, 2007

recommended: 3 blogs for post-Christmas fun

Merry/Happy Christmas to all of you in ack/nak land.  After a challenging day of removing toys from packages, wading through wrapping paper and other holiday fun, I have three blogs I can recommend for your post-Christmas enjoyment.

Japundit - not just another Engrish site, Japundit offers a stroll through Japanese culture as seen by insiders, but written for outsiders.  Ramen, anyone?

Ardeng Rabbit - because you can't cook the bunnies you get at the pet store.  Well, maybe you can, but I can't.  And it's time for hasenpfeffer.

Slot Car Illustrated - is there any more perfect activity on Christmas morning than putting together your first slot car track and sending a plastic car careening across the floor?  No, there is not.  Once you've figured out how to keep the cars on the track, you'll a) want them to go fast and b) want some more cars & track, and this blog will give you all manner of ideas for both a & b.  Their 1/32-scale forum is particularly impressive (as is the one at Slotforum).

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