Wednesday, November 07, 2007

am sans: a digital version of intertype vogue

In a comment to my request for news of a digital version of Intertype Vogue, Bill has graciously pointed me to Volker Busse's Am Sans, available free in both Windows and Mac formats from (link).

Bill writes:
Yea! After searching for Vogue for several years, I happened upon “Am Sans” at daFont yesterday. Volker Busse digitized the font (using a few characters from Futura). I’m really pleased since I was beginning to think this font had been lost forever. Volker’s font used a few of the special no. 2 characters and, unfortunately, a Futura question mark. I’m really pleased to find this gem!

On closer inspection, Volker did do a really fine job overall. My one serious "beef" is that he elected to go with the more conventional slanted descender 'Q' as opposed to the super-distinctive Vogue 'Q' with the vertical descender.

He's also opted to go with a different 'B' that is less symmetrical than its Vogue equivalent and a slightly less angular curve on the 'g' descender than Vogue; his 'J' and 'e' are also a bit off from Vogue. I'm sure the longer I look the more of these nits I'll see, but in general, it's a very good facsimile of the Vogue I've come to love.

When I get some stick time (literally) composing some text and comparing it to the results I get from Adobe Futura, I'll let you know. In the meantime, visit and get yourself a copy today.

Another sample for you traditionalists:


Cypripedium said...

Definite soft spot for futura here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for notice of my font "Am Sans" at I saw it in a book from an american high-school published in the sixties, and I never saw this font somewhere else. An image you can find of my site

So I didn't know, that it was used in a famous magazine and creating the font file was only a study. Naturally, it's very far from being pefect.

Bob, I'd be very pleased to have the typeface-specimen that you've published in this blog in high resolution quality (2400 dpi or higher, as a bitmap). Is it possible, that you can scan it and send it to me??? Than I'll redesign the typefaces as in the the original and I'll make an open-type font including the alternate figures.

Best regards from Berlin,
Volker Busse