Tuesday, October 09, 2007

resting: why so few pm posts of late?

"I thought this was a blog about product management."

"It is. Mostly."


"Yes. Which is to say I write about product management topics, but I also write about. . ."

"A lot of hooey. What was that thing on lapel pins? On lab signs? You've gone all 'pop culture' on us. I think I'll go read User Driven. At least he stays on-topic. Or something by that nice Tyner Blain fellow."

"Those are good blogs too."

"You used to write more product management stuff. What happened?"

"Well, I'm kind of resting."

"What does that mean? Resting?"

"Exactly that. Resting. It's Q4."


"Yes. I'm writing things that are fun and amusing to me because right now, I'm up to here in product management during the day, so when I get to sit down at night I like to have a little fun."

"So you're going to stick to. . . stuff like lapel pins for a while."


"Your readers aren't going to like it."

"You'd be surprised. Product managers have a sense of humor."



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Bruce McCarthy said...

Thanks for the link, Bob. And for the record, I'm okay with off-topic posts. I wrote about compact fluorescent light bulbs and climate change recently.


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