Thursday, October 18, 2007

moyashimon: anime for microbiologists (updatedx5)

This is a show about a guy who can see microbes. Not just some, mind you, but all microbes. No kidding. All you microbiologists out there, your day has come.

A few links:

Introduction and Scientific Notes to Moyashimon

Moyashimon home page
(in Japanese)

Links to torrents of the BSS fansubbed version of Moyashimon episode 1, care of AnimeSuki (h264, XviD) (Note - ack/nak does not host these files, and does not host anything related to BitTorrent such as trackers or torrent files. I am merely providing links to other websites that ack/nak is not affiliated with nor in any way responsible for. Enough said.)

UPDATE - The subtitles on the fansub referenced above are horrible - it's almost like they released the fansub before they had gone through final QA. Oh well. When a better one shows up, I'll update the links with new ones.

A note from whatapath on the BSS page informs me that the issue isn't the subs - it's the videoplayer I've been using. To wit:

"bob– that’s likely a problem with your choice of codecs and video player. if you aren’t using cccp and media player classic (or atleast zoomplayer) you’re probably failing in more than one way. VLC _cannot_ handle softsubs."

I'm downloading MPlayer for Mac OS X to see if that makes a difference. My bad for shooting first and testing second. Sorry for the bad feedback, BSS.

UPDATE 2 - It took some doing, but I got softsubs to work for .mkv files in MPlayer, no small thanks to this page.

UPDATE 3 - MPlayer is working like a champ - it's replaced VLC as my player-of-choice for anime.

UPDATE 4 - Another fansub group has picked up Moyashimon; visit the Shinsen Subs site for more news. It looks like they're doing both a hard-subbed avi and soft-subbed high-quality mkv version.

UPDATE 5 - You can read a long review of Moyashimon episode 1 here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to spread the word about this wonderful series! Also, thank you for the mention of Shinsen. Stay tuned, because this anime only gets better!

(Just imagine... something that smells five times worse than kiviak!)