Sunday, September 09, 2007

sigh: the crappy mac blogger post editor

I've got to admit, for all I'm enjoying my new Mac, there are a few things I'm not real keen on:

You can't find a good fortune cookie program that runs at startup.

You can't count on the Software Update feature to find applications that you've organized into sub-folders under the top-level Applications Folder.

iDVD won't start.  Yes, it's a known issue.

But the issue that bothers me most is the utterly crappy post editor that shows up when I access Blogger with Safari.

For G-d's sake, it won't even let you edit HTML.  No formatting beyond bold and italic.

It's enough to make me install Firefox just to test whether or not Google hates Safarai specifically, or Macs in general.

Stay tuned.  


Anonymous said...

Don't really understand your issue, but check out mars edit 2.0 from Red Sweater Software. It might be what you're looking for.

bob said...

Let me explain.

On WIndows, Google offers a wysiwyg post editor that you can access in Firefox and IE.

A similar editor does not exist for Safari.

I didn't get the chance to download Firefox for Mac last night (I will try that tonight) on the off-chance that the issue is one with Safari and not Tiger.

That said, Mars Edit 2.0 looks neat. I'll try that out too.

Sooner or later, I know i'm going to have to go get my own domain name and "graduate" from Blogger, but that day hasn't arrived quite yet.

Bruce McCarthy said...

It's Safari. Firefox/Mac works just fine or most things. Safari's CSS and Javascript suppot is just immature.