Monday, September 17, 2007

review: spaceman blues

Brian Francis Slattery's debut novel Spaceman Blues is a love letter to the New York I always dreamed of but which always seemed just out of reach.

Enjoy this terrific August 11 interview of Mr. Slattery by WNYC's Leonard Lopate:

The link above will lead you to an unusually breathless collection of pithy reviews, to which I'll add mine here:

Spaceman Blues is the sort of book that echoes inside of you and leaves you feeling both empty and exhilarated, wishing you could go back to the you who existed before you read the book so you could have the singular pleasure of reading it for the first time again and again.

Brian's page dedicated to Spaceman Blues can be found here, where you can read the first chapter, many of the same assorted breathless short reviews, and listen to the writer "rocking the book", ahem.

UPDATE1: Does anyone know why Harlan Ellison registered his name as a trademark, resulting in the requirement to display the small circled 'R' next to it? Just curious.

UPDATE2: Here is a longer and yet still breathless review. I'm not kidding, is it possible to write a non-breathless review of this book that you can still say in one breath? Let me try.

"This is a cool book about aliens and immigrants and people who love each other and science-fictiony stuff and a cult and two cops named Salmon and Trout and an underground city and some musicians and lots of death and even more life."

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