Sunday, August 19, 2007

changes: living in a mac world

It's an odd experience.

All my life I've lived in an IBM world. From the original PC I played with back in 1981 at Ranbir Chawla's house (we called him Davi then) to the PS2 Model 30/286 in the early-90s all the way through to the HP Pavillion that the lightning killed a little over a week ago, I've always had PCs.

For years, PCs were just "what I used". Macs were toys, playthings of the creative classes, hardly a sensible tool for someone with "real work to do". Perhaps it had something to do with being part of an IBM family.

On Friday, my wife brought our new iMac home; I've spent the weekend getting "settled in", learning how to find my way around a Finder instead of Explorer, using a "Terminal" instead of a "Command" session, and considering a machine that has UNIX at its heart instead of. . . well, not UNIX.

So here it is, Sunday night, and I've gone over to the Dark Side. I may use a PC at work, but my home machine is now a Mac.

It isn't entirely perfect - things work and don't work at odd intervals; applications stop working, strange dialogs pop up.

But it's entirely fun.

When I can hit the F1 key to drop the screen brightness, and hit the F3 key to get my arms around all the windows I have open, I'm experiencing something new. There are dozens of small conveniences and consideations that reveal themselves upon even a casual inspection. I've come to appreciate that the Mac was made for people.

More specifically, I have the odd feeling that there is a user persona with my name on it. It fits.

More to follow. Let's see if I can find a decent fortune cookie program.

Until then, my world is upside-down.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear...I'm close to pulling the trigger on a new iMac myself (20", 2.4 GHz, etc..) - but I think I'll hold off for another couple months until Leopard comes out. Was there any mention of Leopard along with your purchase? (e.g., vouchers for less $$ to upgrade when it comes out, etc..)