Saturday, June 09, 2007

word pairing: classy sophisticate (updated)

Hello, and welcome back to Word Pairings. Tonight's episode is brought to you by. . .awww, who am I fooling. I'm doing this for free.

Tonight we turn the dust-speckled spotlight of a methadone-addled intellect (not mine) on a word pairing you can dress up in any number of interesting ways:

Classy sophisticate(s)

Want to go ironic? Use classy sophisticate(s) to characterize the boorish louts who dare to compete with your company. Best applied after said louts do something particularly boorish, like hire booth bunnies. Mmmm. . . bunnies.

Feeling a bit self-deprecating? Turn it on yourself, perhaps to describe your penchant for wearing blue jeans every day, every week, accompanied by a black corporate-logo polo shirt.

Want to play chicken with HR? Naw, you'd never want to do that. You're too. . . classy. And sophisticated. Especially if you considered impugning anyone with this word pairing. As an anonymous reader from Vallejo (or just logging in from there) wrote...
Hate is a four letter word. It doesn't matter how one dresses it up or pairs it up with different words; it's ugly, it's dishonest and it makes people feel bad.

If you going to be a hater, be up front. Don't be coy. Don't be shy and don't play chicken with HR.

So please. Use classy sophisticate(s) with care. Don't be a hater. Be a. . . classy sophisticate.

Examples to follow.

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