Tuesday, June 26, 2007

news: gfeller moleskine covers in pre-production

(Welcome to everyone from Moleskinerie!)

Steve Derricott of Gfeller Case Makers reports that his firm will be producing leather Moleskine covers after the success of a prototype created for Paul Saffo.

Yes, we are going to be making Moleskine covers. As soon as we have tooling costs in hand we will post prices and expected production schedule. We will start with a cover for the Large Notebook. We anticipate being able to offer this in our Natural Russet, Chocolate and Black calfskin. Other size Moleskine covers are in the planning stage at this time. Input from users of other sizes is actively solicited...your input is what inspires the design of successful products.

Our website will be updated to include Moleskine related info as soon as possible. Please check there for the latest news on this and our other fine leather products. We specialize in short run (25-500 units typically) production of high quality leather goods. If you or anyone you know has needs at this level, kindly forward our name to them. We appreciate all the help we can get.

As a follow up to his first communication, Steve passed on the following additional data:

The "Small Moleskine Cover" is looking like another "must do" for us. The majority of inquiries thus far have been for the Large Cover, but we also have a growing number of folks interested in the Small size. We will be getting patterns ready for the small cover as soon as we can. Still waiting on response from the die makers, re the Large size pattern. They may have suggestions that can simplify the tooling. We will want to implement any of their suggestions in tools for the Small cover as well.

This is good news for Moleskine fans everywhere - if you're like me, you've wrecked more than one cover in the course of normal usage.

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Kerstin Klein said...

can´t wait for them to get started. i hope they will send them internationally too.
thanks for posting this information.