Tuesday, May 08, 2007

re: your brains

Yes, I'm working through a case of the sillies tonight.

And yes, you can find more fine WoW "videos" like this at SpiffWorld. The song is by Jonathan Coulton - mark my words you'll be humming the chorus to yourself tomorrow at an Inopportune Moment.

And most certainly yes, if you are so inclined, please go read Roger Cauvin's blog for Actual Product Management Articles. I especially enjoyed his post on iPhone predictions, a speculation game much akin to the classic if she weighs as much as a duck is she made of wood line of discussion.

But if you insist on a coherent PM thought from ack/nak tonight, here's a thought from one of the great PM thinkers:

Perhaps 'adjacent market segments' are just other persona inside the same firms that we already sell to? How exciting would that be!

Low-Hanging-Fruit FTW!

Oh, and remember to turn your speakers up for the video.

Enjoy, and Good Night.

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