Wednesday, May 16, 2007

process: appropriate vs complete

I'm implementing a product review process at the big shop. You know, the thing you do when you bring lots of ideas together, evaluate them, make recommendations, get agreement (or not), and move forward with a plan of record.

Yes, that sort of process.

Here's the question - what is the right balance between "no process" and "oppressively exhaustive process"?

Can you consciously decide to take a "short cut" and still have faith in your ability to follow a credible due diligence process?

How can you take advantage of inspiration but still get the benefit of validation. . . and do it in a reasonable amount of time?

This is the central mystery of product management. That and how to get sales to pay for lunch.

UPDATE 1: Pithy replies of "you do enough to get sign-off" will be deleted and their authors rendered into lard.

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