Sunday, April 01, 2007

updates: ack/nak upgraded to new blogger, etc.

After a few starts and stops this weekend, I think I've managed to upgrade all of ack/nak to the "new" Blogger. And with the help of Hoctro I picked up a third column.

Some notes:

1. Not all posts have been "labled" yet. It is going to take me some time to work my way through the Vast Sprawling and Occasionally Steaming Pile of posts and categorize them. If you have any hints on labels other than those you'll see over there --> let me know.

2. Feedburner may be broken. The "old way" of handling feeds involved a template change, and that isn't what I've done here.

3. Sitemeter has been dragging all weekend long. It won't take much for me to start running all of my stats through Feedburner if this keeps up.

4. Groove on the new "Library Thing" widget! I'm one of those compulsive types who loves to create lists. So it was impossible for me to resist the urge to document my library. . . a task which will take a loooong time, but in the meantime, we all get the cool widget down on the lower right to have fun with.

5. Peek-a-boo comments are history. I'm not quite ready to monkey around with the template to make them work. Sorry.

6. The "description" of ack/nak has changed. I think we've moved on. So I've changed it from "postmodern product management" to the more evolved exhortation which now graces the header.

7. New template, new colors. This template is a derivative of the "Rounders" template, once again care of Hoctro.

8. I continue to eschew the temptation to put ads on ack/nak. You deserve better.

9. I got rid of a few other items - the Technorati search box wasn't helping much, and with the addition of labels and the vastly improved archive widget, it wasn't necessary.

10. You may be asking yourself, "Self, what was Bob smoking when he wrote that so-called 'about ack/nak' piece in the center column?" For your information, I wasn't smoking anything. But as a fan of the koan, I liked the way this story harmonized with my new theme. Astute readers will note I've taken some liberties with the story. Astute readers shouldn't care.

(Headline font - Badaboom BB)

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